Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Canola Oil is NOT Organic... EVER!

Hello my Dear Friend!  This is a quick post to give you something to think about... You know how all the supposed "experts" told us how healthy Canola oil is?  Ummmm... FALSE!

Canola is an invented plant and a modified version (Modified?  Yes modified!  You know Darling... GMO... GE... GM... genetically modified) of the highly toxic rapeseed.  Rapeseed is SOOO TOXIC that in 1956 the FDA banned it for human consumption... so who thought it was a good idea to turn something so toxic into something not as toxic (but there's still toxin in it) and put it on the market as a healthy choice for cooking?  And organic Canola oil?  Don't be fooled... how can something that was bioengineered to begin with ever be organic?

I'm sooooo angry that there are companies who use the consumers as their lab rats as truly, Canola and other GMO foods have only been out on the market for consumers to buy since the 1990's.  Healthy stats and long term effects are only now starting to come out and the research and information that is coming out doesn't look good for our health or for the health of those we love.  

I'll have more info on this and of course other products in the near future... right now I need to throw out what's in my pantry and fix my lipstick as this info has my lipstick in a smudge!  Until next time my Dear Friend... Stay Safe!  CC 

Friday, January 4, 2013

A List?

Hello Friend,

I have been asked by many to make a list of all the different "safe" products that I have tried and what I think about these products.  Please keep in mind that I am not sponsored nor do I get paid to give you my opinions by any of the manufacturers.  So yes my Dear, I will give you my my honest opinions.

A list will come in the near future but for now, here are several products that I have found that now replace what I once used on a daily basis.

Used to use...

Body Lotion- I absolutely loved Curel.  When I was pregnant with my first born, it was the only lotion that kept my tummy from feeling itchy throughout the night.  Then I learned to read the ingredients, really?  I'm loading my skin with petroleum?  Bummer... out with the Curel and in with my new find... Alba.

My new go to
Alba is a good all around lotion that feels creamy, not sticky and the fragrance is light.  For those of you that don't like to "smell" like your lotion (my kids), Alba also has a fragrance free lotion as well.  I buy this at Target, but you won't find it near all the other lotions.  You have to go into the "alternative" beauty section to find it.  Also, you can find it at Sprout's (used to be Henry's).

Bath Soap- Yes Darling, even Dove is loaded with chemicals and colorings that we don't need to be putting on our skin.  This one was a toughy for me as most natural soaps make my skin feel very dry and itchy and the fragrance can be a bit overwhelming.  I finally found a brand that I like... Shea Moisture.

I use the Olive & Green Tea Shea Butter Soap, the kids use the Coconut & Hibiscus Shea Butter Soap
What I like about Shea Moisture?  There's a LOT of Nos in it!  No parabens, no phthalates, no paraffin, no gluten, no proplene glycol, no mineral oil, no synthetic fragrance, no animal testing, no PABA, no synthetic color, no DEA, no sulfates... see?  Lots of Nos and I'm good with it!

I first started using the coconut & hibiscus soap, but my skin felt dry, then I moved on to the olive & green butter and it was much better.  I haven't tried the others, I'm happy with what I use.  I found this at Target as well.

There are others that I have tried and I will list them at another time.  Until next time my Dear Friend, know what's on the labels, be aware and be safe!  CC