Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Canola Oil is NOT Organic... EVER!

Hello my Dear Friend!  This is a quick post to give you something to think about... You know how all the supposed "experts" told us how healthy Canola oil is?  Ummmm... FALSE!

Canola is an invented plant and a modified version (Modified?  Yes modified!  You know Darling... GMO... GE... GM... genetically modified) of the highly toxic rapeseed.  Rapeseed is SOOO TOXIC that in 1956 the FDA banned it for human consumption... so who thought it was a good idea to turn something so toxic into something not as toxic (but there's still toxin in it) and put it on the market as a healthy choice for cooking?  And organic Canola oil?  Don't be fooled... how can something that was bioengineered to begin with ever be organic?

I'm sooooo angry that there are companies who use the consumers as their lab rats as truly, Canola and other GMO foods have only been out on the market for consumers to buy since the 1990's.  Healthy stats and long term effects are only now starting to come out and the research and information that is coming out doesn't look good for our health or for the health of those we love.  

I'll have more info on this and of course other products in the near future... right now I need to throw out what's in my pantry and fix my lipstick as this info has my lipstick in a smudge!  Until next time my Dear Friend... Stay Safe!  CC 

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  1. This is so true .there is also a lot to say on corn syrup or glucose or high fructose syrup.
    take a look at my blog on processed food.


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